Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hey there, been a while...

So it's been about five and a half years since my last post on here. You know this question you usually get in interviews about where you see yourself in five years? Yeah, never turns out the way you thought, does it? A lot happened in my life in that time - some good, some bad, and all memorable and educational. Here's the thing though, I'm not gonna go into what I've done and been through only to try and end it on some inspirational note about how you have to live in the moment and avoid asking yourself 'what if' questions like I'm some self-absorbed millennial egomaniac. This is a photography blog after all! So instead, here are some photos of my friend Alexa shot just outside my house. Shot on a 70-300mm lens at f/4-f/5, with some light color changes and added grain filter in post. You're more than welcome to follow Alexa on Instagram

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