Friday, July 20, 2018

Some light touches (pun intended)...

I can be lazy at times, but it's that very specific kind of laziness where you're having trouble bringing yourself up to actually starting something. Once I've started it though, I don't sleep until it's done. Kind of the reason why 90% of my essay writing at uni consisted of all-nighters really. Anyway, that kind of laziness combined with being the designated photographer for a big portion of your friends doesn't add up to a great combo. Since that post I made about the BUCS Individuals back in 2013 I've taken countless more fencing photos, some of them considerably better than those I've posted. In most cases I couldn't be bothered to sort through them, something that was particularly discouraged by the fact that I was constantly pestered by my team mates to post stuff on Facebook (whenever I have the option I choose to do things on my own terms) ūüėĄ After enough pestering I would though, and if you want to see more fencing stuff feel free to have a look in my Facebook Fencing Album

Speaking of Facebook though, I'd occasionally be asked to take photos of people for their profile pics. This one is of my friend Constantine from about a year ago (as of writing this he still has it as his profile pic). We took a few photos, he chose the one he liked but then also asked me to make a few chances. Here's the final result achieved by nothing more than a few light touches with the trusty cloning tool:

70-300mm, ISO 1600, f/4.5

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